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Special Offer for Cabling Contractors: Buy 300 LightBow Connectors, get a Free LightBow Toolkit.

This is your opportunity to switch to the fastest, most reliable mechanical splice fibre termination system available. Combining contractor-friendly connector pricing and record-setting termination speed, LightBow is an exceptionally cost-effective solution for your day-to-day fibre connectivity needs.

Fiber LightBow Features:

  • Optimal Alignment - Alignment channels simplify fiber insertion and prevent damage to fiber end face
  • Integrated Strip Template - LC and SC strip template on tool ensures proper strip lengths
  • Fast, Robust Process - Combines both splice activation and mechanical crimping to significantly reduce termination time
  • Oil Dampening System - Allows the blade to cleave at a uniform speed eliminating user variance
  • Precision Cleaver - Provides consistent, precise and high quality cleaves
  • Safety - Integrated collection bin eliminates handling of cleaved fiber
  • Long Lasting Blade - Allows for 48,000 cleaves

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