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Category 5e: Premium Cat 5e Cabling Solutions & System

Ideal for Gigabit Ethernet applications, Siemon premium Cat 5e transmission performance margins exceed all TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC industry cabling standards. Independent verification reveals frequency performance up to 160 MHz.

Siemon has been a Category 5e pioneer since 1994. Siemon Category 5e cabling solutions are backed by Siemon’s 20-year warranty when installed by a Siemon Certified Installer. For a complete end-to-end warranted cabling system and optimum channel performance, trust Siemon Category 5e cabling solutions.

Premium Category 5e Products

HD5® Patch Panels
Based upon extrapolated TIA/TIA limits, HD5 series patch panels exceed category 5e patching requirements, feature universal T568A/B wiring and compliant pin technology. HD5 patch panels include rear cable manager, designation labels, cable ties, icon label holders and mounting hardware.

Industrial MAX 5e Outlets
Category 5e industrial outlets are guaranteed for performance to 160 MHz even in the most punishing environments. Cat 5e outlets include the X5 UTP, and X5S screened, each featuring a category 5e MAX module housed in a chemical-resistant, industrial-grade thermoplastic protective shell.

Industrial MAX 5e Patch Cords
Petroleum and UV resistant industrial, modular, category 5e patch cords provide longer flex life and will operate in a wider temperature range. Complete end-to-end Siemon channel cabling solutions.

MAX 5e Modules
For quick and easy termination, Max 5e modules feature S310 punch-down block and universal T568A/B wiring that significantly exceeds category 5e performance with component and channel performance to 160 MHz.

MAX® Modular Faceplates
Designed to be used with angled or flat MAX modules, Simon 10G MAX modular faceplates provide optimal outlet separation plus complete multimedia support and feature slide in color-coded icons for quick identification. Density options include single and double gang faceplates.

MC® 5 Modular Cords
To be cat 5e compatible and meet all category 5e specifications Siemon MC 5 modular cords use premium stranded cable and are available in several colors, with or without a colored boot.

Premium 5e® UTP Cable - International
Ensure optimum channel performance with Siemon premium 5e UTP cable. These 5e UTP cabling systems exceed all TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC requirements for category 5e/class D transmission performance and are available in CM, CMX, CMR and LS0H jacket options.

Premium 5e® UTP Cable - US
Siemon premium 5e UTP cabling systems supports any application designed for category 5e or lower cabling plus 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-T AND 10BASE-T Ethernet applications. Premium 5e UTP cabling complements the performance of Siemon category 5e outlets with transmission performance verified by UL. Cabling also features reverse sequential numbering and lead free round jacket design.
S110 Wiring Blocks
Ideal for multi-application support such as cross-connect and consolidation point applications, Siemon S110 field termination wiring blocks combine category 5e performance with unparalleled installation features. Based upon extrapolated TIA/EIA limits, performance ranges from 100 - 160 MHz. Connecting blocks are color coded and termination strips on the base are marked in 5-pair increments.

Solid IC5 Single-Ended Modular Cords
Using cable that exceeds all category 5e specifications, solid IC5 single-ended modular cords by Siemon are designed as cable assemblies in cross-connect applications (CMR) and for patching between work areas (CMP) and consolidation points.

Siemon Structured Cabling Systems

For over a century, Siemon has remained a family owned and operated company. As pioneers in plastics, manufacturing and technology, Siemon excels in technology leadership and innovation.

Siemon provides US and international clients with the industry’s highest quality, best performing structured cabling systems offering a wide variety of cabling and wiring services for the design and building of Ethernet infrastructures.

Ask Siemon a question or for more information about category 5e premium cabling solutions and products please Contact Siemon.