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Trunking Cable Assemblies

Siemon trunk cables are factory built, pre-terminated and tested cable assemblies that offer a complete solution set for Data Centers.

Trunk Cable Planning & Installation Guide

Structured Cabling Specialist Lyle Menard, RCDD/NTS, shows the features and benefits of pre-terminated copper and fiber trunking cable assemblies in a new video and explains installation practices in a guide.
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Siemon Pre-Terminated Trunking Cable Assemblies Presentation

Learn how Siemon trunk cables provide a complete solution set for Data Centers, providing rapid deployment and the high performance of factory terminations using the highest performing cabling systems available, supporting 10Gbps and beyond. View presentation


Installations are completed faster and with less risk when using a Siemon trunking system and Siemon Certified Installers
  • Reduces on-site installation time by up to 75%
  • Eliminates field termination
  • Reduces pulling and cable dressing times
  • Pre-testing and factory termination minimize delays to troubleshoot and rework problems
  • Standardized approach provides greater predictability of the schedule

High throughput for critical network applications

  • A high performance bundled cable solution designed for best-in-class data center cabling installations
  • Ideal solution for installations that are time critical or standardization is valued
  • Includes a single-point warranty for horizontal and backbone with 100% field testing
  • A complete fiber offering including cable, connectors, jumpers, enclosures and racks
  • A complete copper offering including UTP, F/UTP, S/FTP
  • Supported by Value-Added Programs & Services: Project Assistance, Global Project Services (GPS), Design Support, and Comprehensive Training
  • Backed by Siemon global support and logistics


Siemon trunking systems improve the quality of the installation by removing variability
  • Assembled in a controlled environment with consistent processes
  • Reduces variability which can affect performance, particularly 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Pre-tested in the factory to assure optimal performance prior to shipment


Siemon trunking cables provide a world-class solution
  • Consistent, clean appearance
  • Standardized approach
  • Improves manageability


Siemon Copper Trunk Cables are part of the 10G ip and System 6 cabling systems
Siemon Fiber Trunk Cables are part of the LightSystem and XGLO cabling systems
  • XGLO - For 10Gbps networks and beyond
  • LightSystem - Cost effective, campus solution

Cabling Services

A cabling infrastructure is only as good as its design, installation and administration. Through our global network of partners we ensure successful and consistent cabling projects, from concept through implementation.
Installation Services
Installation Services
Siemon's global network of highly-trained Certified Installers (CIs) ensures quality system installations
Project Assistance
Project Assistance
Locate Certified Installers and Consultants for Your Project - the easy path to design and installation resource selection

Design Services
Design Services
Siemon global network of trained and certified cabling consultants and architects ensure proper network planning and implementation.