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In his role as Network Architect, John Sainato of Owens Corning’s IS Operations Network Systems team spent a good deal of his time on the manufacturing floor, supporting plant-floor IT for large scale industrial networks. While Sainato saw great upside in the increasing adoption of Industrial Ethernet protocols for centralized equipment control and communications, he saw challenges deploying the physical cabling infrastructure needed to support these systems.

The vast majority of Ethernet Connectivity was designed for data centers and office spaces in enterprise networks and not well suited to the industrial environment. One of the more significant challenges Sainato faced was installing patch panels inside of industrial enclosures and panels for equipment- level network connections.

Typically designed for 19” rack-mount applications, these panels often needed to be heavily modified to fit and mount within these limited spaces and provided little cable routing and management flexibility.


After searching for better options and finding none that fit the need, Sainato began to develop his own solution and contacted Siemon Interconnect Solutions (SIS), a business unit of The Siemon Company. He shared his idea for a DIN-Rail mountable patch panel.

DIN-rail is a ubiquitous mounting method for industrial controls such as PLC’s, switches, power supplies and relays. Having a patch panel that could utilize this common mounting provision would greatly simplify the deployment of Industrial Ethernet.

Based on Sainato’s direct input, SIS product development engineers began working on a DIN-rail mountable patch panel design that not only tackled the mounting issue, but also addressed cable management and space issues in industrial enclosures.


After testing and refining a number of prototypes with Sainato, SIS delivered a 4-port DIN-mountable modular panel with an angled mounting design for low-profile cable routing. By angling the outlet orientation, the panel provides ample cable routing space and secure strain relief in just 2.75” (70 mm) of mounting depth without impeding port access or exceeding performance-critical cable bend radius requirements-ideal for space restricted enclosures.

At just 4” (102mm) wide, the 4-port modular panels are also side stackable, allowing for a simple, high density expansion path for expanding network connectivity needs.

Now a part of Siemon Interconnect Solutions standard product offering, the panel is helping a growing number of users deploy and manage their Industrial Ethernet infrastructures. SIS extends its thanks to John Sainato for his help and guidance in developing this innovative product.

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