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Fibre Plug and PlayFibre Optic Solution

  • Supports 10, 40 and 100Gb/s applications
  • No connectors, termination kits or consumables required
  • 75% faster deployment

High Performance Cabling. High Speed Deployment.

Performance: Constructed of high-quality fibre optic cable and components for future-proof support of critical data centre links including 10 Gb/s as well as future 40 and 100Gb/s applications. Factory terminated and tested connections guarantee maximum channel throughput without the performance variability of field terminations
Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment: Siemon plug and play systems can be deployed 75% faster than traditional field terminated fibre connections.

Systems are ordered to fit the application then simply pulled and plugged in
Efficiency: Turn-Key Solution — No connectors, termination kits or consumables required.

Universal configuration eliminates polarity issues

High Density fiber configuration
High Density: A Single MTP Connector and RazorCore cable replaces up to 24 individual fibres and connectors, reducing both cabinet and rack space usage as well as pathway space.
Scalable: The system's flexible design allows additional links to be easily added as connectivity needs expand
plug and play fiber configuration
Plug and Play Channel Configurations: Modules, reels, trunks, adapter plates and extenders combine with Siemon fibre enclosures and jumpers in an array of configurations to fit nearly any infrastructure design. Learn more

Performance Data

Fibre Type Max Insertion Loss (dB) Min Return loss (dB) Performance Class
SM-LWP SM 0.75 0.4 55 55 XGLO
6MM 62.5/125 0.5 0.5 20 25 LightSystem
5MM 50/125 0.5 0.5 20 25 LightSystem
5L-MM 50/125 10G 0.5 0.25 20 30 XGLO

Part of Siemon's Comprehensive Family of End-to-End Fibre Optic Cabling Systems

Siemon's Plug and Play system is supported by a comprehensive family of end-to-end fibre optic cabling systems. Spanning both XGLO 10Gb/s and Gigabit-capable LightSystem configurations, these solutions integrate seamlessly with Siemon's Plug and Play offering to meet any fibre optic cabling need.

XLR8™ Mechanical Splice Connector System
Innovative termination tool and connector system providing high-quality, high speed and ultra simplified field terminations for both LC and SC connectivity
Fibre Optic Distribution Cable
A wide array of cable constructions, fibre counts, performance levels and configurations to support a broad range of cabling applications

Pre-Terminated Trunking Cables
Combining factory terminated LC, SC, ST or MTRJ connectors with Siemon cable in a high-performance double-ended cable assembly, Siemon fibre trunking cables were designed to provide a quickly installed connectivity solution for the data centre.
»Pre-Terminated Trunking Cables
Work Area Solutions
Bring the performance of Siemon's fibre optic systems to the work area with our comprehensive line of faceplates, enclosures, surface mount boxes and adapters.
»Work Area Solutions

Siemon's VersaPOD™ Data Centre Cabinet Solution: Designed with Siemon's Plug and Play Solutions in mind Supporting System Overview

Siemon's Plug and Play system was designed to integrate seamlessly into the innovative VersaPOD cabinet to provide a rapidly-deployed, scalable and high-density data centre infrastructure solution.

VersaPOD creates a completely new and efficient approach to your data centre infrastructure. By leveraging the vertical space between bayed cabinets for patching and cable management, the VersaPOD frees critical horizontal space for active equipment, providing the ultimate density in the minimum floor space.

With options supporting both Siemon's plug and play modules as well as MTP® adapter plates, The VersaPOD's innovative sliding Zero-U vertical patch panels (VPP) dramatically simplify even the most dense active equipment patching needs.

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