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State of the Art Facilities

In the high-tech, high-speed world of information technology, what does it take to be one of the telecommunications industry's leading manufacturers?

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The answer is simple: great manufacturing capabilities. With a history that stretches back 100 years, The Siemon Company has earned a world-class reputation for producing high-quality products. The Siemon Company continuously re-invests in research and development, new equipment, and new capabilities. Evidence of this extraordinary commitment to manufacturing is The Siemon Company's state-of-the-art facilities with the latest in precision processes.

To make a great end product, start at the beginning. At the Siemon Company, we ensure our product quality by selecting top grade raw materials. For both plastic and metal components, Siemon specifies the appropriate materials and then oversees the entire manufacturing process. This degree of control provides a level of quality assurance that is impossible without total integration.

We get our product components from a very reliable source – ourselves. When Siemon engineers design a new product, they do so knowing that the individual components required can be manufactured to the most exacting standards. In-house capabilities include metal stamping, metal forming, automation and plastic injection molding.

Putting it all together. Siemon products are assembled on the same campus where sub-components are made. Siemon engineers and manufacturing experts work closely with assembly teams to ensure that quality and reliability are fully integrated into each product.

At the heart of it all. Customer service is the first point of contact for many customers. Because of its proximity to all other departments, this crucial link to distributors, installers, and end-users is now able to work more closely with manufacturing, production planning, warehousing and shipping to expedite orders and fill requests quickly and efficiently.

The watchful eye of quality control. At each step of the manufacturing process – from inspection of raw materials to the testing of assembled products – The Siemon Company is committed to quality. For high volume production, Siemon employs cutting-edge quality control technology, like computerized visual inspection, to ensure the highest product quality and reliability.

Making quality automatic. Much of the equipment used in this facility was designed and built by Siemon automation engineers. By continually developing new methods, processes and procedures, quality levels rise while defects are minimized and capacity is increased.

From here to the rest of the world. This well-designed space is the launching pad for Siemon products to be shipped world wide. Through cross-functional brainstorming, a number of time and labor saving features were incorporated into the design of the new facility to heighten efficiency. Over a million connections are shipped daily from this location.

When asked how The Siemon Company has survived as a family business for almost a century, Carl N. Siemon replied:

" We pump our earnings back into the business. It makes no difference if the economy is up or down, we reinvest in the future -- that's a lesson I learned from my father. We are not building this business to sell it. The family serves the role of steward. We surround ourselves with talented, committed people that we trust. We plan, work hard and try to be in the right place at the right time."

Innovation - The Siemon Company has developed over 300 patents to assure that the performance of the Siemon Cabling System® and its components exceed standards specifications.

Quality - Siemon engineers use the most advanced technological tools, resources and industry standards as a basis for new product development which ensures the highest quality and performance.

Global Network - An international network of Certified InstallersSM supports both multi-site and multi-national end-users. Siemon training centers are located strategically around the world and the curriculum is continually updated to include best practices from relevant TIA and ISO standards and Siemon engineering innovations.

Reliability - When installed by a Siemon Certified Installer, Siemon offers extended 16- and 20-year cabling system warrantees.

Dedication found within every department of The Siemon Company is key to realizing our ultimate goal.