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Copper and Fiber Cabling for Data Centers

A high performance, reliable cabling system is critical to your Data Center Infrastructure:

  • Cabling supports 2-3 generations of Network Switches, Servers and Storage Equipment.
  • Cabling is expected to last 10, 15 or more years - increasing the time between replacing the most disruptive and labor intensive piece of the infrastructure.
  • Cabling costs a fraction of your active equipment, power, software and maintenance costs.
  • 70% of network problems can be attributed to poor cabling.

Learn How Cabling is a Strategic Asset

Copper and Fiber Cabling Solutions

WheelHouse Advanced Data Center Solutions
Why Siemon WheelHouse™ Advanced Data Center Solutions?
Infrastructure Planning
Copper and Fiber Cabling
Cabinets, Cable Management, Cooling and Power
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WheelHouse Advanced Data Center Solutions

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