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LightBow™Fiber Termination System

  • The cost-effective mechanical splice termination system that cuts field termination in half
  • Enhanced performance and reliability of LC/SC multimode and singlemode fiber terminations

Check out the World-Record
11.43-second LightBow termination!

  • Unsurpassed Termination Speed - Perform more high-performance fiber terminations in less time with lightweight, ergonomic, easy-to-use tool
  • Single-Step Termination - Low-cost patent-pending LightBow tool combines splice activation and crimp into a single robust process
  • Universal LC/SC Capability - Supports LC and SC multimode and singlemode connector types with no time-consuming changeover
  • Superior End Face Protection - Connector dust cap remains in place throughout termination, protecting performance-critical connector end face
  • Eliminates Air Gaps - Bow feature maintains proper pressure of fiber ends during termination to eliminate air gaps
  • More Reliable Connections - Built-in verification window on connectors with the ability to adjust or reterminate connectors
  • LightBow Termination Kit - Convenient carrying case with everything required for termination, including patent-pending termination tool, high precision cleaver and 0.5mW VFL

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Fiber LightBow Features

Reduced Risk of Contamination All termination steps completed with dust cap in place
Maximum Reliability Bow feature maintains proper pressure of fiber ends to eliminate air gaps during termination
Ergonomic Tool can be used in handheld or table-top position with non-slip rubber feet

Universal LC/SC Compatibility Tool terminates both LC and SC connectors with no time-consuming changeover
Factory Assembled LightBow connectors ship factory-assembled, eliminating time-consuming field assembly of inner and outer connector bodies.
Quality Performance Termination combines splicing and crimping in a single step, eliminating handling that can impact integrity.

VFL Verification Window Built-in window in the connector body is used with the 0.5mW output power, Laser Class 1 VFL to verify a good termination. Connector can be adjusted or reterminated if needed.

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LightBow Products

LightBow Fiber Termination Kit
LightBow Fiber Termination Kit
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LightBow Pre-Polished Connectors
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Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
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LightBow Fiber - Termination Upgrade Kit
LightBow Fiber Termination Kit
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