Join data center expert Carrie Higbie, Global Director for Data Center Solutions and Services at Siemon, who will guide you through newer fat-tree switch fabric options.

Topics include:

  • Advantages of switch fabric architectures
  • How switch placement impacts manageability, cooling, scalability and total cost of ownership
  • Applying the recent ANSI/TIA-942-A-1 data center standard addendum to switch fabrics
  • Best ways to use End-of-Row (EoR), Middle-of-Row (MoR), and Top-of-Rack (ToR) configurations
  • What equipment, maintenance and energy costs to expect

If you are preparing for the move from traditional three-tier switch architectures to newer fat-tree switch fabrics, or just want to stay-up-to-date on the latest trends, this webinar is for you.

In addition to examining the pros and cons of the latest data center configurations, this webinar will include real-world cost analyses and provide a Q&A portion for participants to interact with the presenter, Data Center Expert Carrie Highbie.


Monday, August 4, 2014, 1PM EST (10AM PST)


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About the Presenter

Carrie Higbie has been involved in the computing and networking industries for nearly 30 years. Carrie currently works with The Siemon Company as the Global Director for Data Center Solutions and Services in support of end-users and active electronics manufacturers.

She has extensive background in all aspects of networking and application development as a consultant, project manager, and Fortune 500 executive running data centers with multimillion dollar budgets, and has taught at a collegiate level. She speaks at industry events, end user education forums and various conferences globally.

Carrie is an expert in TechTarget's Searchnetworking, SearchEnterpriseVoice, SearchVoIP and SearchDataCenters forums and is on the board of advisors. She contributes articles to these forums as well as SearchMobile, SearchSecurity, SearchWireless and SearchCIO covering various topics. Topics include technology planning, business continuity, budgeting, personnel management, certifications and security to name a few. She has been placed in the top 5 technical tips on TechTarget for the last 2 years in multiple forums. Globally published, she also writes for Network Performance, ZeroDownTime, DataCenter Dynamics, and various other publications. Carrie has won the "Communication News" Editor's Choice Award for two years.

About Siemon

Established in 1903, Siemon is an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance low voltage infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centers, LANs and Intelligent Buildings.

Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut, USA, with global sales, technical and logistics expertise spanning over 100 countries, Siemon offers the most comprehensive suite of copper and optical fiber cabling systems, cabinets, racks, cable management, data center power and cooling systems and Intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions.

With over 400 patents specific to structured cabling, Siemon Labs invests heavily in R&D and the development of Industry Standards, underlining the company's long-standing commitment to its customers and the industry.